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„Successful integration planning starts with the pre-acquisition decision-making process. To create value from acquisitions, integration must be seen as an evolutionary process of adaptation, rather than a completely predictable, planned activity."

Axel Wieandt, Berater Post Merger

“Asking yourself daily and having the opportunity to improve constantly makes CORESTATE a unique partner.”

Sascha Wilhelm, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder

“CORESTATE never grew older, it only grew riper. Stability and trust – it’s all what counts.”

Thomas Landschreiber, Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer and Shareholder

"CORESTATE stands for a high degree of reliability. Their forecast and correspondingly strong results should provide confidence for investors."

Rainer-Marc Frey, Entrepreneur, Shareholder and Club Deal Investor

"CORESTATE is well-suited to deal with complex tasks and to provide expert solutions in a timely manner."

Christian Wulff, Former Federal President of Germany, Shareholder and Senior Advisor

"The financial markets are very dynamic; proactive adaptation and innovation are crucial elements of CORESTATE's success story."

Ralph Winter, Founder, Shareholder and Senior Advisor

“CORESTATE works customer-oriented at all times and understand our needs as an institutional investor. The cooperation is always trustful and goal-oriented.”

Norman Fackelmann, Immobilien Investment Management, Bayerische Versorgungskammer



CORESTATE and Universal-Investment acquire newly built micro-apartments worth EUR 670m for Bayerische Versorgungskammer

CORESTATE has acquired five project developments comprising a total of over 1,700 newly built micro-apartments in Germany. The five properties were acquired by way of a forward deal for the real estate umbrella fund set up for Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK) on the Luxembourg-based AIF platform of Universal-Investment. The combined asset value after completion will be EUR 670m. The projects' seller and developer is CG Gruppe AG.


CORESTATE completes the HFS acquisition by early refinancing - HFS acquisition - funding costs reduced by 80%

CORESTATE announces the full repayment of an HFS acquisition loan (Compartment Thalos IX from Thalos Investment Platform S.A.) with a total nominal amount of EUR 150m. The loan formed part of the acquisition financing for Helvetic Financial Services AG (HFS) in July 2017. After the successful integration, the acquisition is now also on the balance sheet essentially completed.


CORESTATE appoints Stefan Scherrer as Chief Operating Officer

Since the beginning of December, Stefan Scherrer has been responsible for running and expanding the CORESTATE Shared Services platform. One of his main tasks is the integration of CORESTATE's different business units into a shared platform in order to realise planned synergies and strengthen the economic clout of each unit.


Investment products

Investments in Student Housing assets in thriving university towns.

Investments in high quality serviced apartment assets in metropolitan areas.

Investments in diversified High Street Retail Portfolios in medium sized German cities.

*at year end 2017