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25 bn EUR AuM
12 bn EUR
Equity raised
730 employees*
42 locations in 7

“CORESTATE never grew older, it only grew riper. Stability and trust – it’s all what counts.”

Thomas Landschreiber, Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer and Shareholder

"CORESTATE stands for a high degree of reliability. Their forecast and correspondingly strong results should provide confidence for investors."

Rainer-Marc Frey, Entrepreneur, Shareholder and Club Deal Investor

"CORESTATE is well-suited to deal with complex tasks and to provide expert solutions in a timely manner."

Christian Wulff, Former Federal President of Germany, Shareholder and Senior Advisor

"The financial markets are very dynamic; proactive adaptation and innovation are crucial elements of CORESTATE's success story."

Ralph Winter, Founder, Shareholder and Senior Advisor

“CORESTATE works customer-oriented at all times and understand our needs as an institutional investor. The cooperation is always trustful and goal-oriented.”

Norman Fackelmann, Immobilien Investment Management, Bayerische Versorgungskammer



CORESTATE's Hannover Leasing launches closed-end property AIF investing in office/hotel/asset

Hannover Leasing has launched a new closed-end property AIF for private investors. The fund invests in the property named Quartier West, an office and hotel complex with 14,963 sqm of space, situated in Darmstadt south of Frankfurt. Investors can take tranches starting from EUR 10,000. The projected payout is 4.1% p.a. Referring to the equity, investors will receive a projected total payout of 146.46% for a ten-year term ending on 30/06/2029.


CORESTATE continues consistent growth and raises guidance for 2018 - Net debt significantly reduced

CORESTATE continued its profitable growth in the first nine months of the year. Including the recent acquisition of CRM Students, its assets under management now amount to more than EUR 25 billion. CORESTATE generated aggregate revenues of EUR 224.3 million in the first nine months of 2018, up from EUR 83.4 million a year ago. Adjusted EBITDA from January to September 2018 was EUR 137.0 million, compared to EUR 39.2 million in the same period of the previous year. Adjusted net profit for the first nine months of 2018 amounted to EUR 103.6 million and nearly quadrupled year-on-year (EUR 26.9 million).



CORESTATE launches new opportunity fund with a target volume of EUR 800m

CORESTATE has launched a new open special AIF for residential and commercial real estate. The "CORESTATE Opportunity Deutschland I" fund is primarily aimed at institutional investors. The investment focus is on properties with a potential of value increase by active asset management. The special AIF has a target volume of EUR 800m and aims at a target return of 7 percent.

Investment products

Investments in Student Housing assets in thriving university towns.

Investments in high quality serviced apartment assets in metropolitan areas.

Investments in diversified High Street Retail Portfolios in medium sized German cities.

*plus 210 service employees in the assets. Their wages are disbursed by CORESTATE but carried by the respective owner.